Bride Spent $290 & 200 Hours Knitting Her Own Wedding Gown To Defend Her Craft

Knitting can be a tedious process. Most often than not, that requires skills, too, except, of course, if it’s simply for past time. But for those who take knitting seriously, it’s unfair to hear someone say that knitting is easy. And one woman took knitting to the next level by making a special piece for one of the most important milestones in her life.

Helsinki-based Veronika Lindberg is a content creator who focuses on knitting as her main content. She has also grown her following, amassing 244,000 followers on her YouTube channel called Kutovakika as of writing.

Lindberg shared her story – including when she started knitting – through a story published on Insider. Apparently, she has been knitting for most of her life and started doing so as early as the age of 5.

“My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was five years old, and ever since then, it has been one of my biggest passions in life,” she said.

And now, she gets to share precious moments about her love for knitting through her blog, where she also offers knitting courses.

“In 2017, I started an Instagram account to share pictures of my knitting and launched my own YouTube channel a year later, where I’ve recently been sharing tutorials on knitting for beginners,” she said.

In June 2022, she and her partner decided to get married. And since she loves knitting, she thought about making her own dress. And what better way to do it than knit using the same materials she uses for knitting?

“In late June, my partner and I decided to get married, and immediately, I thought it would be so cool to knit my own wedding dress and document the experience for a YouTube video, even though I only had about six weeks until our wedding date in September, so I could tell it was going to be a stressful ordeal,” she said.

She released a video where she shared her experience designing and knitting her own wedding dress in six weeks. For some, it takes days to weeks or even months to finish a piece, depending on the size or length of the creation.

While Lindberg is a professional knitter, she admitted that she encountered a lot of challenges along the way. So, she made sure to pour all her energy into the knitting process over the next 45 days.

“For the next 45 days, I practically did nothing other than knit. It took me around 200 hours to finish the design, and I had to put all other video ideas on hold while I concentrated on this one project,” she said.

When she finally wore the dress, she couldn’t be any happier with the final product, which only cost her $290 to make.

“By the time I finished the dress, I felt so tired and frustrated, and only had four days to rest until the day of the wedding. But when I put it on for the ceremony, I felt such relief, and I could not have been happier with the finished product,” she remarked.

But the best part? Her partner loved it!

“My partner, who was initially a bit skeptical about how achievable it would be for me to make an entire dress in such a short space of time, thought it looked great as well.”

When Lindberg released her vlog documenting the dress-making process, she didn’t expect people would react positively to it — until it became one of her most-watched vlogs and raked in more than 3 million views on YouTube.

“I was delighted to see how positively people reacted to it, and that it’s inspired some commenters to make their own wedding dresses one day (which I definitely think is possible for people with less knitting experience, I would just recommend that they give themselves closer to six months than six weeks!),” she said.

She then became inspired to go on a mission and debunk the idea that knitting is only for elderly people

“I think the success of the video has really fuelled my own personal mission to debunk the myth that knitting is something that only grannies in rocking chairs do,” she stated.

Lindberg also highlighted that several brands have been making knitted outfits with modernized designs in recent years. Her creation adds to the growing list of fashionable knitted dresses — and one a woman can wear on one of the most important occasions in her life.

She went on to share how the sky’s the limit with knitting, giving people the freedom to create whatever they want based on their preferences.

“It’s wonderful to be able to choose your own materials and produce something that is tailored to your own liking and vision,” she said.

While some people might disagree with her, Lindberg said she’s happy that people have become increasingly interested in slow fashion. In the end, she has this to say: “Knitwear can truly be fashionable.”

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