Neighbors called him crazy for spending $8300 on 400FT of plastic – until they saw the reason why

In recent years, weather patterns have become increasingly unpredictable, with varying extremes such as warm winters in the Northeast and scorching summers in the Pacific Northwest. This unpredictability has posed challenges for individuals and communities across the United States, particularly in regions susceptible to flooding.

Texas man uses inflatable dam to save house from flood waters
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The Southwest region of the country, in particular, faced an unusual and devastating amount of flooding in 2016. Many residents in this area experienced the loss of their possessions and, in some cases, even parts of their homes. However, amidst the chaos and challenges, one Texas resident, Randy Wagner, took proactive steps to protect his home from the impending floodwaters.

Randy Wagner, a resident of Rosharon, Texas, recognized the need to safeguard his home in the face of the approaching flood. Despite a predominantly dry season, he decided to invest time and resources in an innovative solution: an Aquadam. This choice may not have been the most conventional, but it ultimately proved to be highly effective.

When Wagner learned of the warning from the Brazos River Authority about an impending massive flood, he took a trip to Louisiana to acquire his Aquadam. Initially, his decision faced criticism from neighbors, who couldn’t understand his unorthodox approach. However, when disaster struck in May of 2015, thousands of homes in Brazoria County were evacuated, and many were tragically lost to the flood.

In contrast, Wagner’s home remained unscathed. His foresight and determination had paid off, and he had successfully protected his property from the rising waters.

Wagner’s Aquadam, made of plastic and fabric, was a simple yet effective solution. It consisted of approximately 400 feet of tubing standing 30 inches high, filled with water. This unassuming contraption prevented nearly 3 feet of water from entering his home. In his own words, the $8,300 investment seemed small compared to the potential damage of two feet of water inside his house.

Aquadams may not be the most conventional method for flood prevention, but they offer significant benefits. Quieter and lighter than some alternative flood protection measures, these devices have been used in various areas with consistent success. They not only save homeowners from significant property damage but also reduce the financial burden on insurance companies.

Randy Wagner’s story serves as a testament to the importance of innovation and resourcefulness when facing natural disasters and unpredictable weather patterns. While climate change continues to influence the environment, creative solutions like Aquadams can make a substantial difference in protecting homes and communities from the devastating impact of floods.

AquaDam Protects Homes from Floodwater | The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation

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