Every single day, 95-year-old bikes 10.5 miles to visit beloved wife in hospice

In a world where grand romantic gestures often steal the spotlight, Peter Burkhardt from the Netherlands reminds us that true love often shines in the simplest of actions.

At 90 years old, Burkhardt has become a viral sensation, not for an extravagant display of affection, but for his unwavering commitment to his wife of 63 years.

Every day, Burkhardt embarks on a journey that many would find daunting.

Peter Burkhardt from the Netherlands showed people the meaning of true love.

He mounts his tri-wheeled cycler, dons his safety gear, and sets off on a one-hour trip to Apeldoorn.

This daily pilgrimage is not just a ride; it’s a testament to his love, as he visits his wife who is under hospice care.

The distance and the cold weather are mere trifles to Burkhardt.
He once shared in a video, “I could always wear my skiing equipment to shield me from the weather.”

His determination is such that even the harshest conditions can’t dampen his spirits.

On days when cycling is impossible, he opts for a cab or relies on his children for a drive to the facility.

Burkhardt’s journey of love began seven years ago.
He had considered driving, but without a valid license and a car, and considering the high cost of gas, he found his solution in cycling.

“I have to take the situation as it is. I just want to be with her every day,” he recalled to the Dutch news outlet De Stentor.

“I just can’t miss her. I did it by car for a while. But even then I alternated it with the bike.”

But it’s not just about the journey for Burkhardt.
His wife, he says, is unaware of the lengths he goes to for these visits.

Yet, the fatigue fades away the moment he receives a warm hug from her.

His efforts also serve a greater purpose – raising awareness about the conditions of bike lanes.

While they are generally good, Burkhardt believes there is room for improvement, especially considering that if a 90-year-old can navigate them alone, they must be well-planned.

This heartwarming story caught the attention of many on Reddit, where it was shared widely.

Some commenters noted that Burkhardt’s biking experience probably makes him fitter than many users on the site.

Others highlighted the need for cities and governments to create safer and more convenient systems for elderly people to visit each other.

Burkhardt’s children see their parents’ daily meetings as a lifeline.

“I think they keep each other alive with this,” said his son Wouter, quoted by My Modern Met.

“I hope my father inspires other people with this.”

For Burkhardt, it’s all about the simple desire to be with his beloved.

“I want to see her, hear her voice. When I enter the nursing home, I immediately know where she is. She is no longer the same as she was,” he told the local news outlet.

“But I’m still in love with her.”

This story is a beautiful reminder that sometimes, the most profound expressions of love are found not in grand gestures, but in the quiet, steadfast acts of devotion we show every day.

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