Georg Stanford Brown & Tyne Daly Raised 3 Kids despite Racial Backlash — Pics of Their Daughters

Tyne Daly and her former husband, Georg Stanford Brown, were married for almost three decades before they went their separate ways. The legendary stars welcomed three daughters during their marriage, and they are now grown women with families.

For several years, Tyne Daly and Georg Stanford Brown, two iconic stars, gave impactful contributions to Hollywood. These celebrities have also worked behind the camera as producers and writers, apart from being active on screen.They passed down these unique talents to their children, who also strongly inherited some of their physical features. Brown and Daly, a one-time dynamic couple who let love transcend race, now have three remarkable daughters turned mothers. Here is everything to know about the family.

What Are Georg Stanford Brown and Tyne Daly Famous For?
The Cuban-Black native is an actor who began his career in the 1960s after appearing in the iconic comedy series “The Comedians” and “Rookies.” Some of his other famous works include “Roots,” “Bullitt,” and “Stir Crazy.”Brown has many directorial credits to his name, and this earned recognition from fans and the movie world, giving him a spot on the Emmy nomination list several times. Daly is an actress and writer famous for scripting “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” She has also worked on “Judging Amy” and “Cagney & Lacey.”

What Did Daly Say about Her Former Marriage?
Daly and her husband understood the true meaning of love. While the system opposed it, they remained persistent in their quest to exchange their marital vows on June 26, 1966. It was a time when miscegenation laws were upheld in about seventeen states in the US—laws that prohibited Caucasians from marrying Blacks.Not one to be deterred by societal norms, the pair tied the knot against all odds, and the year after, the Supreme Court ruled over a case known as Loving v. Virginia, taking the racist laws down.

In 1977, Brown recalled the time he and his wife appeared together on “The Rookies” and the bad reception they got because of their different races. During an episode of the series, the couple shared the first-ever on-screen interracial kiss.

The network censors sent a memo before the episode aired saying interracial kisses were still taboo. They demanded the kiss be deleted, but Brown and the team refused, and when it aired, no one made a big deal about it.

During a February 2022 interview, Daly revealed how she and Brown “had blinders” about the objections against interracial marriage and relationships when she was 19 and the actor was 21 and still courting. Therefore, their union wasn’t about policy or politics but about love and passion.The actress confessed that she and Brown just got dragged into the political side of things. She said she is deeply appalled by the US’s insistence on promoting racism by making marrying someone of a different race an offense.Daly believed the rule was fake, something that people who wanted more power over others made up to promote their agenda. The star feels the country is now swinging back to a time when hatred was popular.
However, Daly only had praise during her speech at her Broadway show in 2015 when she addressed the country’s Supreme Court’s decision to permit gay marriages. The actress concluded her speech by stating a quote she’d read from a newspaper that day:

“‘Hate is very strong, but love is stronger.’”

Brown and Daly’s Babies
Whether married or not, Daly and Brown have always been committed to their children with whom they share a great bond. Online, the writer often gushes about her girls and how proud she is to be their mother.

She shared a group picture with her daughters Kathryne Dora, Alisabeth, and Alexandra in 2018. The trio leaned close to their mother, who was dressed in matching outfits with two of her daughters. The doting mother captioned
Brown is not left out of the equation, as he has a very close relationship with his girls and makes sure to care about all aspects of their lives, including their career paths. In an interview back in 2013, the actor and his daughter, Kathryne, who shares a similar passion with her famous father, had a heart-to-heart conversation.

The duo dialogued about their experiences in their field and how it felt to pursue a career in acting. Kathryne admitted that she drew her inspiration from her famous parents, and watching them perform helped her.

While other celebrities may not have a problem with being the perfect role model for their children, Brown and Daly did. They disapproved of their daughter’s career choice, but that does not mean they were not supportive…CONTINUE READING

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