The Ramsay Clan’s Ever-Growing Joy: Gordon and Tana Ramsay Welcome Baby Jesse James, Adding to Their Culinary Empire and Family of Seven

How 49-Year-Old Tana Ramsay Looks Now, Having Become a Mother to Her Sixth Baby in Early November

In a radio interview with Gordon Ramsay at the beginning of 2023, when asked to clarify how many children he had, he responded in his characteristic sarcastic manner: “The last time I checked, there were five, but you know, everything can change at any moment.”

At that time, the multi-child couple, Gordon and Tana Ramsay, were not aware that their already sizable family would indeed grow larger by the end of the year. In early November, 49-year-old Tana became the mother of baby Jesse James, whom she carried and gave birth to independently, just like their other five children.

The boy is already one and a half months old, with blond hair and a curious gaze just like his father. Enthusiastic fans of the Ramsay family comment under his photos: “Spitting image of Gordon!”; “Look at this serious mini-Ramsay”; “Is he already organizing the kitchen?”.

Tana and Ramsay had planned to have many children, but after their wedding in 1996, they discovered that the path to parenthood would not be easy. Tana was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, increasing the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, and miscarriage.

This alone would have significantly complicated the process, but soon it was revealed that Gordon’s reproductive health was not smooth either: the Michelin-starred chef was diagnosed with oligospermia—a condition characterized by a reduced quantity of sperm in the seminal fluid. Stress, tension, and working over a hot stove were to blame.

One might think that their dream of having children was in jeopardy. However, these two did not give up and took all possible measures to address the situation. Most importantly, as they believe, neither of them stopped believing that if they were meant to meet and stay together, everything else would also fall into place.

A well-known fact: when they met in 1996, Tana was engaged to another man and was preparing for her wedding. Such trivialities never stopped Gordon.

“This man can turn the world upside down if necessary,” Tana said about him. “He turned mine upside down in an instant.”

The efforts of these optimists eventually succeeded, although not without the help of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Their first three children were born through ART, and the twins Jack and Holly were born prematurely, seven weeks before the due date, causing great concern for mom and dad.

However, for the arrival of their third daughter, Matilda, ART was no longer needed, surprising both the Ramsays and their treating physicians.

In 2019, their fifth child, the second son, Oscar, was born when Tana was 45. His birth followed a family tragedy three years earlier in 2016 when Tana lost a newborn who did not survive a day due to a severe heart condition.

It seemed like on such a positive note, with a happy family of seven—two adults and five children—they could stop. But Jesse James had his plans—he arrived in the world just 57 days after his father’s birthday, making it a truly special gift. “Three girls and three boys… Done!” summarized the chef, who, among other things, boasts the most Michelin stars—seventeen in total!

But the main star of his life remains the gorgeous Tana.

A former school teacher turned writer and author of popular cookbooks, she manages to do it all. She raises the children, maintains their huge family home, organizes fun vacations and breaks for the “Ramsay brigade,” not forgetting about close friends and herself.

She always looks fabulous, her lush mane shining, her eyes sparkling, and her smile rarely leaving her face. It seems that all the pregnancies and births have left no trace on her figure. A few years ago, on the occasion of their wedding anniversary, Tana tried on her old wedding dress, prompting Gordon to offer another trademark compliment. He reacted to the photo posted on social media with simple words: “My wife is fire.” No one argued.

A few years ago, Tana Ramsay even decided to open a beauty salon with comprehensive care programs so that any visitor, in just a couple of hours, could do a manicure, facial massage, and lash lamination. She does not forget about these procedures herself. A secluded lifestyle is not her story. Along with tiny Jesse James and 4-year-old Oscar, they inspect their father’s restaurants, while the older children lead their own adult lives. Their eldest daughter Megan is 25, twins Holly and Jack are 24, and Matilda is 22.

Those who regularly meet Tana in London do not hide their admiration. According to eyewitnesses, she seems even slimmer, younger, and much happier—although, one might think, how much more happiness could there be.

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