Abbey Clancy’s raunchiest sex confessions – freak in bed to kitchen utensil orgasms

Abbey Clancy is never shy about discussing her raunchy sex life with her husband Peter Crouch on their Therapy Crouch Podcast show and has made several sizzling confessions

Abbey Clancy rose to fame as a lingerie and catwalk model, finishing runner-up on series two of Britain’s Next Top Model in 2006.

The 37-year old, who is from Liverpool met her former footballer husband Peter Crouch later that year whilst he played for Liverpool FC. After marrying in 2011, they went on to have four children together – Sophia, 12, Liberty, seven, Johnny, five, and Jack, four.

The pair are now the hosts of their own hilarious podcast show, The Therapy Crouch Podcast, a weekly production in which they explore the trials and tribulations that long-term relationships can bring, using their experiences to offer advice to listeners.

Now, we look back on Abbey’s sex confessions she has made over the years on the show as we discover what makes the couple tick in the bedroom after 18 years together.

Speaking to listeners of their podcast series, Peter described Abbey as a “tough one to crack” in the early stages of their romance, to which she replied: “Yeah, because I am not a complete ho.” Later in the episode, Abbey asked her husband if he had thought she was frigid when they first started dating and Peter responded: “Not a fridge, no.”

Abbey then revealed her bedroom antics, claiming that she was a “lady on the street, freak in bed.” Peter added: “Ludacris said it well, clean in the workplace, dirty in the sheets” from the rapper’s hit song, Nasty Girl.

In another episode of The Therapy Crouch last month, Abbey and Peter were discussing Christmas tableware, things took a rather cheeky turn. “Instagram has got so much inspiration for cool things you can do. I really want to do a Christmas tree cheese board,” Abbey declared.

She went on: “I have all these incredible ideas and I’m sending my kids loads of these Christmas cards ideas with painting where you paint your hand and you make it into a reindeer’s face. I bought a nice Christmas plate the other day.” And it seems plates do it for her more than a romp. She joked: “Plates are better than sex. Painted paints, anyway.”

But it’s not just plates that get Abbey hot under the collar. The married couple joked how she has a thing for all sorts of kitchen utensils. While on a shopping trip, the pair came across a Le Creuset casserole dish, which will set you back £455, as well as salt and pepper mills that cost £38 each. And apparently Abbey found it all rather sensual. “I’ve never seen anyone so excited,” Peter proclaimed. He continued: “She was having a spatula orgasm. She was having a lot of excitement around spatulas.”

Last year Abbey revealed a rather saucy way she persuaded hubby Peter to come home. In an attempt to get him off the footy pitch, she once picked up her beau from training wearing nothing but a trench coat. And it seemed her racy move went down well with Peter.

“It’s easy to surprise me – very much so. If I came home and you had no clothes on. It’d be the best surprise ever,” Pete said on their podcast. He went on: “It’s so simple – all you have to do is just not wear any clothes. It’s so simple and I’ll be so happy. I’m just being honest.”

Abbey then chimed in and admitted: “I picked you up from training once like that, didn’t I?” Explaining, she added: “That Burberry Mac you got me, I picked him up from training once with that on and nothing underneath it – to get him home.” Peter then confessed: “And it worked – very well.”

After becoming a fan of Amazon Prime series, Vikings, Abbey once confessed she’d like Peter to dress up in similar Nordic regalia. “The only time you got jealous was when I was watching that Viking thing,” she joked in their podcast. “There’s this show, The Vikings and they are all unreal. Vikings is a thing,” she then explained to listeners.

Abbey continued: “When I watched that show. They’re just cool. Even the girls are as hard as nails. But hot as anything.” After admitting he’s look more like Only Fools and Horses’ Rodney Trotter, Peter recalled to Abbey: “You started going to me, ‘Why don’t you be like a Viking?’”

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