Long-lost photo emerges of Goldie Hawn, 77, in high school – and she’s completely unrecognizable

There aren’t many celebrities who can hold a candle to Goldie Hawn when it comes to having the love and respect of the masses.

Active since the mid-1960s, Hawn rose to prominence through a series of beloved roles, and the fact that she remains a firm fan favorite, even today, is testament to her talent, character, and longevity.

Now, when most of us think of Goldie, we picture an actress with long, luscious blonde hair – indeed, it appears she’s had virtually the same image for the entirety of her storied career.

Yet a photo taken for her high school yearbook – all the way back in the early ’60s, we might add – has surfaced, presenting a very different look for the actress we all know and love…

Boasting natural golden locks, an infectious smile and youthful skin that casts an enviable glow, Goldie Hawn remains radiant at 77.

Known for her comedic prowess, the blonde-haired beauty first tested her acting chops on the TV comedy series, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In (1968-1970). Around the same time, she was cast in the leading role in the romantic comedy Cactus Flower (1969), a role that earned her an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

From there, there was simply no stopping Hawn, whose girl-next-door look landed her starring roles in films like Stephen Spielberg’s The Sugarland Express (1972), Private Benjamin (1980), Best Friends (1982) with Hollywood heartthrob Burt Reynolds, Overboard (1987) with partner Kurt Russell, Death Becomes Her with Meryl Streep, alongside Bette Milder and Dianne Keaton in The First Wives Club (1996), and The Christmas Chronicles (two installments, 2018 and 2020) where her and Russell played Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Put simply, Goldie has crafted a stellar reputation over the nigh-on six decades she’s been gracing our TV screens. In fact, it’s almost difficult to imagine a time before Hawn was a beloved actress strutting her stuff before the cameras.

Yet in 2020, My Heritage colorized the yearbook photos from Maryland’s Montgomery Blair High School – Goldie’s high school. Not only do the pictures of the 77-year-old show her rocking a short pixie cut, but the text also reveals that she was an active member of both the theater and drama societies.

Today, after almost five decades of acting (as well as bearing three children) Hawn still looks beautiful.

One might think she spends a fortune on beauty products, but one of her go-to items is something many of us likely already have in our kitchens.

“There are great creams out there. Creams with this and creams with that, but I ingest oil,” said Hawn, revealing her beauty secret is olive oil.

“The skin is our biggest organ, and as you get older, you get drier. I ingest two tablespoons of olive oil before bed and massage my face.”

As for her famous golden locks, it’s all natural. “I know it sounds strange, but I’ve never colored my hair,” Hawn explained. “I just put a regular rinse on it because I don’t have any chemicals on it.”

If you’re a fan of Goldie Hawn, perhaps you’d also be interested in reading about the time she confirmed the truth about Kurt Russell after almost 40 years!

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