This incredible boy, abandoned by his parents, dedicates all his songs to his grandmother.

Maxim from faced a challenging fate right after his birth. His parents left him with his grandmother as a baby, then divorced, created new families, and forgot about their firstborn. A woman named took care of Maxim for ten years, even though she had never dared to officially become his guardian.

Fate blessed with two children – a daughter and a son. When they were very young, another baby appeared in the family.

“I have a blood sister, Nelya, who is deaf and dumb. She got pregnant, gave birth to a girl, and wrote a disclaimer for the child. I felt for the child and told my husband, ‘Where two grow, there’s room for a third.’ He was okay with it, so we took my niece in.

We looked after her until she was seven months old, but then my sister had a change of heart and took her daughter back. Now, has her own family, and she’s doing well,” explains. However, after left, deeply missed having a third child.

She considered adopting a child from an orphanage, but during this time, her own family fell apart. had to rent separate lodgings for her adult children and go to work for a living. Nevertheless, she never gave up and sought opportunities to provide her children with a decent life.

When her son finished school, he decided not to pursue further education and went to to seek his fortune. While would have preferred him to receive a higher education and establish himself, she respected his decision. Within a few months, Sasha announced that he was getting married and brought home a student with a baby boy.

At that time, the young couple hadn’t officially wed, but they listed their names as the child’s parents on the birth certificate. They held a christening for the baby and named him . The young parents returned to in the summer, leaving the child behind in the village.

When asked why, says, “My daughter-in-law graduated with honors and was doing well in her institute. Her mother blamed me, saying that my son ruined her child’s life. I quit my job and asked to transfer to part-time studies, promising that I would take care of when she had to go to her exams. But nobody listened to me.”

The young parents went to , leaving the child in the village, and they didn’t return. is deeply hurt by these memories. She used to hope that everything would be resolved and looked after her grandson by singing lullabies and feeding him with diluted cow’s milk. But with each passing month, her hope dwindled.

No one helped with trips to competitions in the capital. The grandmother did her best but struggled to make ends meet. She even considered approaching the child’s parents, but they didn’t provide any financial support. This became increasingly difficult for , as she had a meager income as a janitor.

The past decade saw develop his remarkable musical talent. He began participating in regional, national, and even international music festivals, often taking top honors. Listening to sing is a moving experience; his voice touches the soul deeply. But who helps him travel to competitions in the capital?

has been keeping up the fight, looking for ways to secure the financial support necessary for success. She’s been collecting the necessary documents and hopes for a better future. However, she’s heartened by the fact that finds his happiness in his music, and he dedicates all his achievements to his grandmother.

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